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Boulder is a small city, not much more than a couple miles across.  One of its best music venues is The Fox.   It’s a medium sized space that fits 600 or so people, and is right across from the University of Colorado.

When there’s a show, the experience is spread across a variety of social media outlets – photos on Instagram, videos on Facebook, shareable moments on Snapchat.  While it’s neat for a venue like The Fox to connect to national and international audiences, the most important measure of success is whether those 600 tickets are purchased and used when a band comes through town.  /thefox is a way for people to share with those closest to them and for the venue to engage attendees.  Loved the show but hated the lighting?  Post a photo on /thefox for locals to see and offer some feedback for the venue on areas where they can improve.  The Fox can also use it to promote upcoming shows, post updates on tonight’s music, and engage with their audience in real-time.

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Image courtesy of Julio Enriquez on Flickr | CC2.0