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Subletting rooms without the hassle

Every summer college towns see a sudden drop in their populations when students leave for the three-month break.  Left behind in the wake of this seasonal migration are hundreds, even thousands of empty rooms that students are still paying for each month.  Many of these students don’t bother getting someone to rent out their rooms for the summer because it takes time and energy they simply don’t have at the end of the school year with finals, projects and papers all due at once.  But what if it was easier?

/room-available makes it simple to post an open room for prospective summer renters to see.  And since by default your post only shows nearby, there’s no wading through emails from people halfway across the country or spammers from another continent.  /room-available makes the financial burden of going home a non-issue for college students everywhere.

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Image courtesy of Katie Brady | CC2.0