0082: /u/f/vochoride-88410


Uber-ish… for Juárez

Uber hasn’t made it to your corner of the world yet?  Not to worry, an Uber-like experience can still be hacked together with a little ingenuity.  We’ve already profiled /need-a-cab where you can request a ride from nearby cabs, but /f/vochoride-88410 takes it a step further.

When a rider and a driver connect on /need-a-cab, the cabbie posts her unlisted follow URL, localweb.is/u/f/choride-88410, which is also his license plate number and a short greeting.  The /f/ denotes that the content posted will follow the poster around geographically.  So if the rider sets his radius to 1 mile then that URL will be empty until the driver gets within range and then the greeting appears.  The rider can then set the radius to 100 yards and get the same message notification when the driver is right around the block.

The two can communicate on the URL and the rider can even leave a rating or note for future riders.

Of course, it’s not quite Uber, but it is a comparable solution that doesn’t have to wait until Uber decides the market is large enough to invest in.

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Image courtesy of Wikipedia | Public Domain