0078: /south-st-shelter


Coordinating care

Homeless shelters have a lot to focus on.  Between making sure that everyone who needs it has a place to stay, ensuring all patrons are safe, providing food and assessing medical needs, it can turn into a big job quickly.  /south-st-shelter is a way to do that.

On the other side of the building and need to confirm that a portion of the complex is full and also provide the list of people staying for the night?  Post a note into /south-st-shelter and co-workers can respond. If you’re working with folks in front of the building you can use use it as a waiting list, and if you’re on a supply run to the grocery store and can’t find the exact item you need, you can check with the team to see which alternate will work.

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Image courtesy of John Ramspott | CC2.0