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Redefining the community book club

Book clubs often push readers to pick up books they wouldn’t otherwise read.  Participants share thoughts about each work, shedding light on intricacies that tend to go unnoticed when       reading alone.  Unfortunately, there are a few issues with the       current way book clubs are run.

If you can’t consistently make the agreed upon meeting time, you might as well forget about participating.  And, with varying schedules, some members may complete more or less of the book by the time the meeting rolls around.   This could either ruin books for those who read at a slower pace or bore those who read at a faster pace.

/bookclub makes it simple to be part of a reading group.  You can access information about the next meeting and socialize with your fellow members.  Are you reading slower than the rest?  Not to worry, spoilers are a thing of the past….if you’re only on chapter three of The Great Gatsby, open /bookclub-Gatsby3 and continue to contribute to the conversation, learning from others’ observations along the way.

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Image courtesy of Brittany Stevens | Licensed by CC2.0