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Sampling Spain’s best local beers

Deep in the heart of Madrid is one of Spain’s finest experiences.   When the microbrewery called Naturbier first opened in the late     80s, very few people in Spain knew what to make of it.  No one had   yet heard of microbrewing, and there was plenty of skeptics.  Over     the last 25 years it has become an institution, a must visit for locals and tourists alike.  Simply put, the beer is amazing, and everything else follows from there.

/naturbier is a way for the brewery and restaurant to update patrons. Since they value fresh, local food and drink, Naturbier can post the daily specials, links to the meat and bread producers that are featured on the menu, and let beer fanatics know which beers are almost ready to be tapped.  Patrons can post in tips for their favorite beers, and ask questions of the brewmaster to find out about the latest brew.  It’s a connection point that already exists in the real world, and that belongs on the local web.

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Image courtesy of naturbier.com