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Ask Me Anything, for people         around you

In the last few years Reddit’s AMA (”Ask Me Anything”) sessions have become world famous.  Whether it’s an astronaut talking about the day to day of living in space, a film star sharing her passion, or a writer talking about the process of creating a novel, AMAs are a great way to connect over ideas and to think out loud.

/ama is a place where that same thinking out loud can happen, locally. A city councilor wants to have a town hall with folks nearby?  It’s quick to set up and anyone can take part.  Want to learn how your favorite local musician approaches album production?  It’s simple with /ama.  The best part is there’s no overhead, no complicated setup, and no developer to update a webpage, so you’re closer to getting to the people that matter around you.

We are building the local web, and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Picture courtesy of Colleen Ballinger via Wikipedia / public domain