0067: /friday-night


Local discovery in real time

If you want to hang out on the World Wide Web and catch up on the week’s news, there’s a website or app for that.  But if you want to put your phone down and actually experience life going on around you, the answer doesn’t live in an app or website, it lives in the people who are right around you.

One of the core reasons we’re building localweb.is is because we believe that the web needs to do a better job of reflecting and encouraging us in the lives we already have, not force us into conforming our lives to the World Wide Web.  /friday-night is an example of how we can make that connection.  Bored and want to know what others are up to?  Simply drop into /everything and see what’s trending on /friday-night.  On a business trip to Atlanta and     no one from your regular list of friends is available?  No problem,     you can easily find a concert that looks intriguing.

We are building the local web, and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Img via Jess Bachman