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Saving water, block by block

Millsmont is a quiet neighborhood in East Oakland that has a mix of first-time home owners, long-time families, and the faculty / staff / students of nearby Mills College.  Like most of California, the Bay Area will soon have to start conserving water to deal with a decades long drought that doesn’t look like it will let up anytime soon.

One of the problems with current water conservation efforts is that they are often too large and too generic for people to connect to and see the results.  While most people know there’s a water shortage, getting them to let go of a green yard or agree to resurface most of a golf course / park with trees, grass and shrubs is much tougher.  But   if thousands of neighborhoods across California did these things it would make a huge difference.

/water-tips could be used by residents in Millsmont to trade useful and valuable information about how to conserve locally and to highlight the positive effects.  Because Millsmont is located in the foothills of East Oakland, those houses  on Outlook Avenue (slightly higher up) could figure out ways to save and successfully divert leftover water to the right places that need them down below.  Local businesses on the West end could convert their parking lots to drain directly into shrubs and trees, reducing the amount of times they have to turn on the water faucet or activate the sprinkler system.

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