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The secret life of bridges

In the future, “smart” bridges will communicate directly with the people responsible for designing and maintaining them.  Strategically placed sensors will track the age, and wear and tear of every bridge, as well as be able to monitor traffic volume, weather conditions like ice and snow, and the weight it is bearing at any given moment.

In rural Knox County, Indiana that technology is still decades off. /bridgesofknoxcounty is a way for local government to use the     power of people to track conditions and potential issues.  Bridge       out because of flooding?  Reply in /bridgesofknoxcounty to alert        the authorities. The county commission / transportation department can set up /knoxcounty-bridge45 to monitor flooding on a specific bridge, and add the link to their website and twitter pages so that information that needs to spread on the local web can do so without flooding the World Wide Web.

We are building the local web, and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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