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Connecting around creativity

Art doesn’t just spur creativity, it helps build community and bridge gaps between people normally divided by class, wealth, religion, ethnicity and other categories.  And while April 15th is known in the United States as the last day to file taxes, it’s also World Art Day — an event where people in cities and towns from Brisbane to Bogotá meet up to share and create together.

On the local web, the URL  /art-day-2016 suggests how pictures and other information from global events can easily spread on a informal basis.  Coordinating locations, sharing works in progress and arranging followup events can all easily happen on one URL without needing to setup new groups, lists, or websites.  And because it’s hyperlocal, the conversation doesn’t quickly become overwhelmed with thousands of replies.

We are building the local web, and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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