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Same hour delivery

There are hundreds of delivery services.  Between Amazon, Instacart, Sidecar and others you can get practically anything sent to your home. But the biggest delivery service of all hasn’t yet been tapped: the network of people around you.

There will likely always be competition among delivery companies, but a Localweb.is URL like /things-delivered  can connect you        directly to the people around you, solving dozens of problems per   day in your neighborhood, office or rec center.  Your favorite downstairs neighbor is sick and needs some cough medicine and     tea?  Quickly post a note and another neighbor can drop off the items on their way home from the market.  Want to send prints of a few design options to one of your clients?  It’s easy to find someone who’s available to run a quick task in 15 minutes.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Img via epSos.de