0046: /therapy-dogs


Raising spirits, one at a time

If you have a chronic illness, frustration and sadness can be a part of daily life.  Over thinking / getting stuck in your head happens quickly, and taking one moment at a time is an important coping mechanism.

A localweb.is URL like /therapy-dogs could be used to setup drop-ins     in a given neighborhood area, or even just within a hospital.  Ms. Gutierrez in 412 isn’t quite ready for her visit yet?  She can post a   note as soon as she is settled in after the doctor’s visit, and Critter Comforts will take the elevator up from ground floor.  Want to let people know that Mollie (the border collie) will be in the lunch room from 12-1?  No problem.  A simple reply will let people know and update them if she is running late.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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