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Incubating ideas

When you’re starting a business one of the differences between success and failure is access to resources.  Having people around     who understand disciplines like marketing, branding, design,         legal and finance is critical.

FatPipe ABQ is a place with those resources.  As an incubator and co-working space, it fosters connections between entrepreneurs and the resources they  need along with hosting events and workshops on a regular basis.  /fatpipe-abq could be used to help people use the space and organize resources.  Need to see if a block of chairs in the northwest corner are open for a quick meeting later?  Simply post a note.  Want to chat with someone later?  You can easily arrange that. Having an event but don’t want to have to re-explain what’s going on to latecomers?  Drop in the agenda + any updates, all without having to edit a website, or send out a new update to friends or followers.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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