0042: /u/joanies-table12


Table service on your phone

Joanie’s Happy Days Diner is an older food joint in the heart of San Francisco. Their customers are a mix of old regulars and tech savvy   20 somethings but their ordering technology is still a notepad and   pen. Maybe they should get with the times and implement one of       the hundreds of mobile-based digital menu ordering systems.  Or maybe they shouldn’t since the monthly licensing fee is a bit hard     on their margins.

/u/joanies-table12 is an example of how Joanie’s could use an unlisted localweb.is URL per table to monitor customer requests.  When you sit down it’s right there on your table.  Need a few extra minutes to order?  Coffee refill?  Just post a note and your server will be alerted. Have some helpful feedback to leave but not in the mood to be a Yelp food critique at the moment?  Post it and Joanie’s will get it.

10 minutes after breakfast and about to get on the Muni, you realize you don’t have your wallet.  Fortunately a quick “did you see a brown wallet at the table?” to /u/joanies-table12 confirms that you left it there and it’s waiting for you behind the counter.

Technology infrastructure required: internet connection and maybe a sharpie + some paper.

Monthly fees: $0

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Img via Joanie’s Google+ page