0037: /phone-repair


Fixing local problems, locally

These days we keep a lot of our lives on our phones.  Emails, addresses, meeting appointments, stories we want to read…we       even edit spreadsheets, docs, and design on our devices.  So when something malfunctions or we drop our phone and the screen cracks, we need it fixed quickly.

But the world wide web isn’t very good at this kind of thing.  If you live in a dense urban area using a search engine is a hit or miss proposition.  If you live in a rural or semi-rural area it’s nearly impossible.  And if the best Android or iPhone repair place is too   busy doing great work to maintain a social profile and curate fans across the world then you might never find them or it might take hours out of your day.

A Localweb.is URL like /phone-repair could be used to solve the cracked screen problem quickly and with a minimum of effort.  If   you live in Flatbush you don’t need to know about a repair shop in Rego Park, and it doesn’t make sense for the phone repair shop in Rego Park to create / pay for advertising or maintain a social profile that might target you, either.  Not to mention what happens when   you or the shop move and have to start again from scratch.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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Img via Wikipedia.org | h/t Arnold Waldstein for the inspiration for today’s post