0028: /kids-of-valle-vista


Neighborhood watch for the       modern world

This is the 400 block of Valle Vista Avenue in Oakland.  Like most streets it’s got kids running around…and even though it’s a fairly   quiet neighborhood, things like the occasional careless driver still exist and are a concern to parents.

A Localweb.is URL like /kids-of-valle-vista can enable people with or without children to communicate what’s going on, at a hyperlocal level.  Need to intro a new neighbor?  Noticed an odd visitor to the street the last few days?  /kids-of-valle-vista can help connect people and make sure children are safe.

Another convention of Localweb.is that’s on display is how information spreads based on its content.  Introducing a new neighbor is something that likely won’t need to travel more than a block or two, but alerting people about a burglary that occurred in the area might be important a half mile or even a mile way.


Information spreads naturally based on its importance.  For example, in the fictional scenario above (using characters from the TV show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) Carlton won’t see anything his Uncle Phil creates or interacts with that’s outside his radius, unless he views a URL that his buddy Will replies to. This convention will keep info that’s local, local…while also enabling more important info like crime, or a wildfire, to spread quickly.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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