0027: /diy-galleries


Art that matters

There are thousands of local, built from scratch art galleries around the world.  Do it yourself isn’t just their motto, it’s their lifeblood.   They focus on and pay attention to things that other people miss.   Their work matters because they shed light on our humanity, on our desire to connect to each other…and they do so with the humans and spaces right around them.

A Localweb.is URL like /diy-galleries can exist in every community as   a way to connect people to what’s happening around them.  Showing some new prints down the street?  Add a photo + directions.  Want to support local artists as they create?  Offer your time / donations to make sure works get completed, without requiring them to setup a kickstarter for every new project.

And long live DIY.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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