0026: /westminster-sounds


Tour London by sound

Discovering hidden secrets is one of the best parts of traveling to a new city.  Westminster Bridge in London has hundreds of years of history, but most of it is locked down in historical accounts on paper or text on the web.  Without a local expert / guide you might miss one of the coolest things about it: the sounds.

Birds, traffic, people talking — these are all normal noises that give a sense of the activity.  But you wouldn’t know that the bridge was also used to film various movies and TV shows and is an excellent place to see and hear the variety of boats that travel the River Thames daily.     A Localweb.is URL like /westminster-sounds can be used to capture and feature those sounds, as well as describe and layer the history of the bridge into a sound tour that anyone can listen in to…and patrons can also add their own sounds.

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