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Finding fans wherever they are

In Philadelphia you couldn’t throw a snowball in December without hitting an Eagles fan.  But if you are a transplant to sunny Los Angles, the Eagles fans are as easy to find as the aforementioned snowballs.

Oh they are out there.  Of the 3+ million LA residents, the number of die-hard Eagles fans is surely in the tens of thousands.  There is just no easy way to find them other than sporting your team jersey and hoping for some serendipity.

/eaglesnation could be used to find Eagles fans within 3 mile radius – whether it’s at the Coliseum when they are playing the Raiders, or from your couch in Brentwood when they are playing the Colts in Indianapolis.

When Shady jukes three defenders for 30 yards you could post to twitter with a hashtag…you might get some interaction if you have enough followers.   But the connection you’re really looking for is on /eaglesnation with the other die-hards around you.

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