0024: /holocene-club


The hottest place in town, right now

Holocene is a nightclub in Portland.  They have a website, Twitter account, and Facebook page.  But when you leave the bar nearby at 11pm and want to know what’s next, those are the last places to check.

Built into the discovery on Localweb.is is a Localweb.is URL that shows what is hot / trending withing 3 miles of your location.  If /holocene-club is high on that list you can assume something is going on.  A quick glance will show people posting photos…DJ Kiffo & Rhymes are killing it right now.  And that’s where you want to be.

Holocene can share /holocene-club with their fans, without having to create a new page for every event.  Both the club and Kiffo & Rhymes have an incentive to share it because if it trends that means more eyeballs and more customers.  DJ Vadim just showed up out of nowhere and took over the decks.  The place is going bananas, /holocene-club is going viral within the Portland area. It’s the hottest thing for miles on this Saturday night.

This is where you need to be, now.  Try doing that with a #hashtag.

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