0023: /u/t365/wallowa-lodge



Location based guest book

Renting out a secluded lodge on AirBnb?  Use a Localweb.is URL like /u/t365/wallowa-lodge to provide a guest book for visitors. The /u/ means its unlisted, so only people who stay in the lodge and see the post-it note on the fridge know about it.  The /t365/ is a time convention built into Localweb.is that means the content is visible for 1 year. This sets it up to act as a collective repository for useful information and memories of the space.

Is the fireplace flue a bit difficult to open and requires you to jiggle it a bit?  Post a note in so future guests know.  Did you find a beautiful clearing about 100 yard off the beaten trail?  Add a photo and some directions for other guests.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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