0022: /i-5-delays



Mobile traffic alerts

The I-5 is a busy highway that spans the length of California passing through San Diego, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties.  If it’s part of your daily commute or road trip, knowing when it’s jammed up will save you time and probably a headache as well.

Stuck behind an overturned semi-truck at exit 101?  Post to /i-5-delays so other patrons who are monitoring it can get a notification and re-route their trip.  Want to know if the restrooms at the next gas station are clean?  You can easily find out.

Similar Localweb.is URLs could be used for most major highways, as well as one named /traffic-delays for side streets.  Think of it like a version of Waze, but without some of the features… and the $67 million in required funding.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day.

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