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Sea to table

Just to the southeast of Seville, Spain is a small city of 67,000 people that goes by the name of Sanlúcar de Barrameda.  Like many cities     on the Atlantic coast, fishing is a primary industry, but modes of communication have remained the same for decades.  Two-way     radio and radar keep boats safe, but with changes to the economy many fisherman now have to juggle communications as they rely       on delivering their catch the same day to popular restaurants thriving on Sanlúcar’s tourism business.

No one is building them an app and probably won’t be anytime soon. But a Localweb.is URL like /daily-catch-sanlúcar could be easily used by fisherman to communicate with restaurants.  Instead of radioing each separately, they could simply post a note in to update the day’s catch and when they’ll be returning to the dock, so that restaurants could update their menu on the spot for customers and give their kitchen a heads up,  This makes “sea to table” even easier for a region that’s already known as a gastronomic utopia.

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