0018: /cl-vignan-cs201


Computing  for all

The world wide web is amazing, but it often fails when it comes to problems that need solving at a local level.  /cl-vignan-cs201 is an example of a URL that takes advantage of how the Localweb.is platform is structured.

In addition to accessing nearby information patrons can come up with their own conventions, like “cl” which denotes “computer lab.”  That way if you’re a student or instructor that’s responsible for or wants to access to multiple computer labs, you can easily do so.  Need to see if there’s an open spot in the lab?  Use /cl-vignan-cs201 as a check-in / waiting list.  1:40am and no one is left?  The student monitor can post a note to let people know it’s closing early.

We are building the local web and sharing a new way to use it each day,

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Img via Wikimedia Commons