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Building with what’s available

Rocky Norton is an artist who often focuses on merging form/function via reused materials.  Splitting time between Oakland and Albuquerque, he travels frequently and creates pieces with whatever he can get his hands on locally.  His works include transforming exterior landscapes with metal and wood, and furniture pieces made from materials discarded at houses, businesses and scrap yards.

/rocky-norton-design complements something Rocky is already doing.   When he goes on the road he’ll usually notify friends, family, and previous customers.  Anyone that has a potential job or simply a few bucks can set up coffee or a hangout to think through an idea with Rocky for a unique piece of furniture made with materials on hand or nearby.  /rocky-norton-design can be used by friends of friends to give him a heads up about scrap metal nearby, by the commissioner of a project to add nails/braces/latches to a shopping list, or for anyone interested to simply track progress of the project.  And all without needing to trade emails, download a new app, or decide which circle or friends list should see which content.

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