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Food where and when it matters

Swingers is one of those institutions that all towns have: the coffee shop turned greasy spoon diner that everyone knows about.

Open til the early hours of the morning, famous and regular people alike flock to the Santa Monica and Hollywood locations to devour blue corn nachos, peanut butter banana shakes, and even vegan/vegetarian options like a cobb salad and quinoa & eggs.

But the world wide web isn’t that friendly to Swingers.  Right now they’re trying to maintain a Yelp page, a Facebook page for each location, a Twitter feed, and their own website.  Even a small menu change is a lot of work, not to mention they don’t have an easy way for people to order ahead.  With /swingers-diners they’d be able to do things like post daily specials, alert when a new vegetarian item is available, make a quick list of people waiting for a table, and enable their customers to easily add an order when they’re 15 minutes away…all based on each location, and fitting into their no nonsense approach to good food in a low key diner environment.

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