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Local organizing

Two years ago Stephen Davis spoke up about something that worried hundreds of Buford, GA residents.  The intersection of Braselton Hwy (State Road 124) and Lena Carter was becoming more and more dangerous, but the Georgia Department of Transportation said there weren’t enough cars to justify adding a traffic light.

As a major thoroughfare and an access road for the local middle       and high schools, it sees a lot of traffic including inexperienced,   young drivers.  There were multiple accidents and residents were afraid someone might die.  Quick thinking led Stephen to submit a Change.org petition, and with the help of a state senator and local     TV news station, he got the Dept. of Transportation to approve     adding a traffic signal.

While Buford is now safer, thousands of towns and cities across the U.S. deal with the same problems.  Local and state government are often reluctant to act quickly.  A Localweb.is URL like /SR124-lena-carter-junction could be used to quickly post and update images, videos, personal accounts, and to track progress with organizing a petition, city council meetings, all before any lives are lost.

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